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This blog is dedicated to explaining why things are the way they are. At it's core, this is science - however, "science" is more often than not a complicated, hard-to-follow language, spoken by a select few.

I aim to change that. I hope that I can answer any of your questions in such a way as to make everyone understand it.

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Ask away! Submit away! I plan on always allowing anonymous questions, regardless of any abuses. This is to protect the privacy of those who are uncomfortable asking certain questions, as well as allowing those who would wish to correct my errors a sense of protection (from what, I can't imagine).

If (When) you catch an error in something I've said, or if you simply would like clarification - feel free to send me an ask! Replies may work too, however they will likely be more difficult to follow (for me).

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I'm Evan - I graduated from a Liberal Arts College in Central Texas with a Bachelors of Arts in Biology (and nearly minored in Physics and Chemistry), and now attend the University of Washington. I've always loved science, and the rational and logical way it can explain our world. For me, knowledge of the world (and universe) we live in provides a profound sense of perspective, while simultaneously amplifying the beauty present in everyday life.

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There is no policy - no topic is out-of-bounds. Especially religion, philosophy, or even things like English.


Ask away.

callumgreen asked: Just saw your answer to a question about childhood vaccines causing autism. I think it'd be helpful to remind people that autism isn't a bad thing or a disability, but simply a neurological difference that comes with its own advantages (higher than average IQ, focus etc.) and disadvantages (conforming to social norms & values etc.).

Also, by some strange coincidence Dr. Wakefield's son went to my school until apparently his family moved to Texas because of all the scrutiny he was rightfully getting in the UK.

As to the first point:

Yes, as far as I know this is completely true! We should all take note of this, and I apologize if I created too-negative implications of autism! Thank you for sending this!

As to the second point:

Well that is an interesting coincidence! I had no idea he was living in Texas - I may research this further, as I’m curious if he managed to get a job and is attempting to continue his anti-vaccine work. It’d be important to know if a herd-immunity-drop like the one that occurred in England may soon be seen here!

Thank you again for this information, and I encourage all readers to do the same as you have!

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